whole foods deli

turkey, roast beef and veggies

last weekend while running our errands, joe and i were hungy hungry hippos…so we went to whole foods in Hastings Ranch to get some sammies. I ended up with a Turkey […]

El Potrillo Cafe

el potrillo

still on the search for good food in the area between my work and Joe’s, we decided to try El Potrillo Cafe. It’s a really small place, that shares a […]

grilled cheese

grilled cheese

this is what happens when we decide to make grilled cheese chedder and brie grilled cheese with fresh homemade beer batter onion rings

Italian Sausage Sammie


This sausage might just be too good to enjoy in a sandwich…but we did anyway – on some fresh rolls with a warm slaw. *add more mustard to the slaw, […]


another favorite - BLTs

From 9/21/2009 The BLT – good ole’ standby. there’s nothing you can say bad about a sandwich made of fresh sliced bread, crispy thick cut bacon, sliced roma tomatoes, and […]