Santa Anita Race Track – Food Truck Festival

Pork Belly on Bao Bun

YAY! We went to the Food Truck Festival at the Santa Anita Race Track on Saturday.  Got there a bit early (which i would highly recommend if you wanna go!) so we were able to wander around a bit before the lines got out of control.

first stop. Slammin’ Sliders.

1st stop – slammin sliders truck

We had walked around about half of the trucks…and only about half of those had started serving food, when we reached Slammin’ Sliders.  Joe got the okinawan potato salad and an order of double onion sliders. Beef slider topped with carmelized onions and crispy onions on a hawaiian roll, with two pickle slices. I got the pulled pork sliders (of course, I have a hard time resisting delicious pulled pork!). Pulled pork, crispy onions, on hawaiian roll with two pickle slices.

Okinawan potato salad, double onion sliders, and pulled pork sliders

This was okay. Joe gave it an 8 of 10. of course…that was before we made our other two stops.  The beef was better than the pork. Although, great in texture, the pork was lacking in a “wow” flavor. Needed some spices or rub or sauce or something. But all in all, tasty.  And I have never thought of making potato salad from Okinawan purple potatoes. yum!

The food trucks weren’t allowed to sell drinks (Boo Santa Anita Race Track. Boo.) due to competition with the race track vendors so we were off to find something to wet our whistle before heading off to the next truck.

By now it had to be 11:30 or 12…We had wandered around most of the trucks (about 20% still hadn’t started serving food!!) when we came to the Lardon Truck.

lardon truck

oh my lardon friend. How I’ve been longing to try the baco since January. The idea of a potato taco with cheddar cheese and a bacon shell is just too much for this girl to ask. Sounds like my killer, yet scrumptious, dreams come true. But everytime its on Lake Ave, Joe and I happened to have just eaten and I couldn’t bare to try it without giving it its deserved attention. Lucky me. They have no line. It’s Baco Time.

the baco!!

This thing is extreme. A weaved shell of bacon wrapped around a soft “smashed” potato with melty cheddar cheese, served with a horseradish dipping sauce. Warm, melty, salty, greasy, crispy and soft all at once. It was exactly as I expected. The kind of thing you can only eat once or twice a year if you wanna live…but those few moments with it are totally worth it.  Honestly, I don’t even know what else they have to offer on their menu. I’m sure its tasty and all, but really. Offering me soft potatoes and cheese enveloped by bacon…the other menu items just fade to the background!

Then it was off to the Flying Pig

Flying Pig Truck

I think Joe’s in love. Really. And I can’t blame him! The pork belly on bao bread was amazing!!  The bao is perfect for this. Not just because of the delicate yet slightly sticky bun that forms from the steaming process…but the slight sweetness in it can’t be matched. With the melty pork belly, spicy sauce (gotta try to make some of that), and pickled onions and cucumber, it was quite the tasty snack. And cheap!! This truck had great prices that didn’t seem inflated just because it was at a food festival (that’s right trucks…I’m talking to you. we saw you putting temporary signs over your normal prices. boo!)

Pork Belly on Bao Bun

then it was out of the infield, and into the clubhouse seats to watch some races. I haven’t been to the track in almost 15 years. And I never saw any races. So we stayed a while…looked at the ponies, placed a few bets…won a whole $0.25, lost $10, but those kinds of things make it exciting! It was a nice day at the track, and we were out of there before 2.  I don’t envy those folks that showed up late though. The lines were getting longer and longer by the time we were leaving.

grilled cheese truck line

This is the line for the grilled cheese truck at about noon. That line is wrapped all the way up the right side of the picture…yes. that’s all one line. no way was i gonna do that. The truck is in the area enough that it just isn’t worth it to me. no offense grilled cheese. i love melty dairy on some delicious bread. but not today my friend. there are other things i had my eye on.

Joey enjoying the food truck fest
full and ready to run from the crowds

Joe even has his own Saloon at the place =D

Joe’s Saloon

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